AIGA Louisville's Design Week 2017

We were approached to collabroate with our favorite cohort in Louisville Brad Vetter Design to produce the branding for AIGA's 2017 Design Week here in Louisville. We wrote the following manifesto to sum up the intentions of the week.

Louisville comes together for a week-long celebration of it’s creative community through our annual AIGA Louisville Design Week. We diverge from our day-to-day routines and converge to build better practices and grow stronger together. We use this week every year to recharge and realign on the future of our commonwealth. Louisville is city of cohorts, not competitors. We are mentors. We are colleagues. We are a large group of friends. We are weird. This is Louisville Design Week.




This year's theme stems from Louisville's desire to stay unique, local and weird. We will never accept the status quo, and we will will grow strong through hard work and pulling ourselves up by the boot straps. We diverge to set ourselves apart and we diverge to stand out, we diverge to stand up for what we believe in. With all of the creativity and weirdness we hold, we all much converge to share in the fruits of our hard work. We come together to share techniques, resources and maybe a good story. We converge to lend a hand to our neighbor in need and we converge to celebrate a job well done. We converge to be united in comradery and good design.